Dearest Vonicka ♥

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I know you won’t able to read this yet, but I am writing this anyway because I want to record this precious moment I have with you. And before this year end, I want to let you know how much you mean to me. In this way, I can prolong the memories and the joys you bring and make them last a lifetime.

I will never forget the moment your daddy and I knew that there’s a little baby growing in my womb. I never felt as complete as the moment you came to our lives. When the OB-gyne showed me how you looked like at 9 weeks, it overwhelmed me and so your heart beat, when I heard it, causes my eyes into tears and my lips to smile.

To feel you growing in my womb makes me feel happy and excited. I was praying to God that time you grow healthy despite of the pressure I was experiencing because I was working when I conceive you. And you know what while you’re still inside me, I planned a lot for you. How I can dress you up, what food I will serve for you when you grew up, your future life and what things I can do to makes you happy everyday. My happiness was profound knowing that I could be called “mommy” one day.

As months passed by, I feel even more excited. I started to talked to you, play music for you and I even recorded how you moved inside my womb.

And when you were born, it was the most precious moment of my life. I can’t explain in words the joy I felt that moment. The hardship of conceiving, the pain of labor and delivery was now all worth it when I see you and hold you in my arms. I cried a lot and thank God that you’re now close to me in my arms.

Breastfeeding gave us a deeper connection to each other. For the sleepless nights of feeding you, changing your diaper, and attending to your needs came naturally to me. Gazing at you while you’re sleeping was worth the wait. I wanted to stare at your face for as long as I could. I wanted to hold you and cradle you in my arms as much as I could.

I didn’t know that there were more surprising and more wonderful moments ahead.

When you started to crawl, watched your first walk and heard your first word was like heaven. So precious!

I will cherish each and every moment with you. From spreading of your toys to kissing me when you’re clingy. From crying when you’re hungry to smiling when you are full. From counting your fingers to clapping when you’re successfully done something new. Promise honey. I will cherish everything.

I love the way you dance “Baby Shark“.

I love the way you called me “mimi“.

I love the way you sing with your pinky microphone.

I love your voice and the way you talk to me.

I love it when you walk fast from a place to another.

I love it when get panic whenever I told you there’s a mice.

I love everything about you.

Here’s to more travel together, songs to sing, musics to listen to, more cuddles and more kisses…

Promise baby, mommy will always be here for you.

To cherish you.

To nourish you.

To protect you.

To show you how beautiful the world.

And to love you. FOREVER…

With so much Love,

Mommy ♥♥♥